Top Civil Engineering Firms in California: Discover the Leading Experts


The top civil engineering firms in California include Kobe Civil Engineering, JN Structural Engineering Inc, and Kimley-Horn Engineering. These firms provide a range of services in the field of civil engineering and are known for their expertise and top-notch services.

California is a hub for civil engineering projects, and these firms have established themselves as leaders in the industry. With their diverse capabilities and experienced teams, they consistently deliver high-quality solutions for various infrastructure projects. Additionally, WSP USA, Stantec, HNTB Corp, and Carollo Engineers Inc rank among the top design firms in California, as recognized by Engineering News-Record.

This list showcases the largest and most successful engineering firms in the state, based on design-specific revenue.

Top Civil Engineering Firms in California: Discover the Leading Experts


Introduction To Civil Engineering Firms In California

Discover the top civil engineering firms in California that provide exceptional structural engineering services. From Kobe Civil Engineering in Sherman Oaks to JN Structural Engineering Inc in Los Angeles, these firms offer expert solutions for all your civil engineering needs.

Find the best company for your project and ensure high-quality results.

Overview Of The Importance Of Civil Engineering Firms In California:

California is renowned for its impressive infrastructure and architectural marvels, and behind all of this lies the expertise and contribution of top civil engineering firms. These firms play a pivotal role in the state’s infrastructure development, providing essential services that range from designing and constructing highways to managing water supply systems.

Here’s a closer look at the significance of civil engineering firms in California:

  • Complex and innovative projects: Civil engineering firms in California are at the forefront of tackling complex and innovative projects. They devise groundbreaking solutions and implement cutting-edge technologies to overcome the unique challenges that come with the state’s diverse topography and seismic activity.
  • Sustainable infrastructure: With a focus on sustainability and environmental preservation, civil engineering firms in California prioritize incorporating green practices in their projects. This includes designing infrastructure that minimizes environmental impact, incorporates renewable energy sources, and promotes efficiency in resource utilization.
  • Enhancing public safety: Civil engineering firms in California play a critical role in ensuring public safety. They work diligently to design and construct infrastructure that meets stringent safety standards, taking into account factors such as earthquake resistance, flood management, and fire protection.
  • Urban planning and development: California’s booming population and rapid urbanization create a constant demand for infrastructure development. Civil engineering firms work closely with urban planners to design and develop sustainable communities that cater to the needs of residents, while also preserving the natural environment.
  • Water management: California faces challenges related to water scarcity and drought. Civil engineering firms are instrumental in designing and implementing innovative water management systems that aim to conserve, store, and distribute water efficiently, ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Transportation infrastructure: California’s extensive transportation network requires continuous improvement and expansion. Civil engineering firms contribute by designing efficient highways, bridges, tunnels, and urban transit systems that ease traffic congestion and facilitate smooth transportation across the state.
  • Economic growth: The success and growth of civil engineering firms in California contribute to the state’s overall economic prosperity. These firms generate employment opportunities, attract investments, and support various industries by creating infrastructure that enables commerce, trade, and transportation.

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Civil engineering firms in California are dedicated to creating a sustainable and resilient environment for the state’s residents. Their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence make them invaluable contributors to the development and growth of California’s infrastructure.

Leading Civil Engineering Firms In California

Discover the leading civil engineering firms in California, providing top-notch structural engineering services. Some of the top firms include Kobe Civil Engineering, JN Structural Engineering Inc, and Kimley-Horn Engineering. These firms offer civil engineering consultancy and design services.

Kimley-Horn: Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions

  • Kimley-Horn is a leading civil engineering firm in California, offering innovative engineering solutions to various industries.
  • Their expertise lies in providing comprehensive civil engineering services, including site development, transportation planning, water resources management, and environmental consulting.
  • With a commitment to delivering high-quality results, Kimley-Horn utilizes advanced technologies and cutting-edge techniques to ensure efficient and sustainable projects.
  • Notable services provided by Kimley-Horn include feasibility studies, master planning, engineering design, and construction management.

Notable Projects Completed by Kimley-Horn:

  • San Francisco Transbay Transit Center: Kimley-Horn played a crucial role in the design and engineering of this iconic transportation hub, integrating multiple modes of transportation and creating a sustainable urban space.
  • Los Angeles County Public Works: Kimley-Horn has collaborated with the Los Angeles County Public Works department on various projects, including flood control, water resources management, and infrastructure development.
  • Silicon Valley Tech Campus: Kimley-Horn has provided site development and engineering services for several high-tech campuses in the Silicon Valley region, facilitating the growth and expansion of the technology industry.

Jn Structural Engineering Inc: Spearheading Structural Excellence

  • JN Structural Engineering Inc is a renowned civil engineering firm based in California, specializing in structural engineering solutions.
  • With a solid reputation for delivering excellence, JN Structural Engineering Inc offers a wide range of services, including structural analysis, design, and construction support.
  • The firm is known for its meticulous attention to detail, advanced engineering techniques, and commitment to ensuring the safety and stability of structures.
  • JN Structural Engineering Inc has a diverse portfolio of successful projects, catering to various industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure.

Successful Projects Completed by JN Structural Engineering Inc:

  • Salesforce Tower, San Francisco: JN Structural Engineering Inc played a key role in designing the structural system for this iconic skyscraper, which stands as the tallest building in San Francisco.
  • Golden Gate Bridge Enhancements: The firm has contributed to the enhancement and retrofitting of the historic Golden Gate Bridge, ensuring its structural integrity and longevity.
  • Los Angeles International Airport Expansion: JN Structural Engineering Inc has provided structural engineering services for the expansion and modernization of Los Angeles International Airport, optimizing its capacity and functionality.

Aecom: Transforming California’S Infrastructure

  • AECOM is a leading global infrastructure firm that has played a significant role in transforming California’s infrastructure landscape.
  • With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, AECOM offers comprehensive civil engineering services, covering transportation, water resources, environmental consulting, and urban planning.
  • The firm employs a multidisciplinary approach, combining engineering expertise with environmental stewardship to create resilient and efficient solutions for complex infrastructure projects.
  • AECOM’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of renewable energy, green infrastructure design, and incorporation of sustainable practices in project execution.

Contributions to Major Civil Engineering Projects:

  • High-Speed Rail: AECOM has been involved in the development and planning of California’s high-speed rail system, providing engineering solutions for the rail network, stations, and related infrastructure.
  • San Diego Waterfront Redevelopment: AECOM has contributed to the revitalization of San Diego’s waterfront, designing sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including seawall protection, coastal restoration, and public spaces.
  • Los Angeles River Restoration: AECOM has worked on the ambitious Los Angeles River Restoration project, transforming the river into a vibrant ecosystem while addressing flood control and water management challenges.

Noteworthy Civil Engineering Design Firms In California

Featuring prominent civil engineering design firms, California offers a range of top companies such as Kobe Civil Engineering, JN Structural Engineering Inc, and Kimley-Horn. These firms provide exceptional structural engineering services and consulting for various projects.

Hdr: Pushing Boundaries In Design And Engineering

  • HDR is a leading civil engineering design firm that focuses on pushing the boundaries of design and engineering.
  • The firm has a design-centric approach, which allows them to create innovative and sustainable solutions for their clients.
  • Notable projects where HDR’s expertise was instrumental include:
  • The Bayonne Bridge in California, a major infrastructure project that required complex engineering solutions to accommodate larger ships.
  • The California High-Speed Rail, a groundbreaking transportation project that aims to connect major cities through high-speed trains.

Kleinfelder: Creating Sustainable And Resilient Solutions

  • Kleinfelder is a civil engineering design firm known for its commitment to sustainability and resilience in engineering.
  • The firm specializes in environmental and geotechnical engineering, making them experts in managing and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Noteworthy projects by Kleinfelder include:
  • The California Coastal Resilience Project, which focuses on enhancing coastal communities’ resilience to climate change and natural disasters.
  • The Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan, a comprehensive plan to restore the river ecosystem and create a sustainable and livable waterfront.

Thornton Tomasetti: Striving For Engineering Excellence

  • Thornton Tomasetti is renowned for its reputation in structural engineering and its continuous pursuit of engineering excellence.
  • The firm has worked on numerous intricate and groundbreaking projects, showcasing their expertise and ability to overcome engineering challenges.
  • Examples of projects completed by Thornton Tomasetti include:
  • The Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, a 61-story skyscraper that required innovative structural engineering to withstand seismic activity.
  • The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project, a complex bridge engineering project that involved innovative design and construction techniques.

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By exploring the notable civil engineering design firms in California, it is evident that HDR, Kleinfelder, and Thornton Tomasetti have made significant contributions to the industry. Through their expertise, commitment to sustainability, and engineering excellence, these firms continue to shape the landscape of civil engineering in California and beyond.

Other Prominent Civil Engineering Firms In California

Some other prominent civil engineering firms in California include JN Structural Engineering Inc, Kimley-Horn, and Kobe Civil Engineering. These firms offer top-notch structural engineering services and are known for their expertise in the field.

Arup: Pioneering Engineering And Design Innovation

Arup is a renowned civil engineering firm that prides itself on pushing the boundaries of engineering and design innovation. With a strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary solutions, Arup combines the expertise of different engineering fields to deliver groundbreaking projects. Some key points to know about Arup include:

  • Collaborative Approach: Arup believes in the power of collaboration, bringing together experts from various disciplines to create comprehensive solutions that address complex challenges.
  • Global Presence: Arup’s influence extends far beyond California, with projects spanning across the globe. From the Sydney Opera House in Australia to the Beijing National Stadium in China, Arup’s international projects demonstrate their commitment to delivering excellence on a global scale.

Arcadis: Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Arcadis stands out in the civil engineering industry for its dedication to promoting sustainable infrastructure development. With a focus on environmental and water-related projects, Arcadis prioritizes creating resilient and environmentally-friendly solutions. Here are some key highlights about Arcadis:

  • Environmental Expertise: Arcadis excels in environmental engineering, leveraging their deep understanding of ecosystems to develop sustainable solutions that minimize environmental impact.
  • Water Management: From wastewater treatment plants to coastal protection systems, Arcadis is a leader in water-related projects. They design and implement strategies that optimize water use and reduce the risk of flooding.

Jacobs: Driving Progress Through Collaborative Engineering

Jacobs is a dynamic civil engineering firm that plays a pivotal role in driving progress in major infrastructure projects in California. They are known for their collaborative approach and incorporation of technology and innovation. Some key points about Jacobs include:

  • Collaboration in Action: Jacobs brings together engineers, architects, and other professionals to ensure seamless integration of ideas and expertise, resulting in successful project outcomes.
  • Technological Advancements: Jacobs is at the forefront of incorporating technology in their work. They leverage state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

These prominent civil engineering firms in California, including Arup, Arcadis, and Jacobs, have established themselves as leaders in the industry. With their innovative approaches, commitment to sustainability, and focus on collaboration and technology, they continue to shape the future of civil engineering in California and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions For Top Civil Engineering Firms In California

Which Is Best Company For Civil Engineer?

The best company for civil engineering is subjective and depends on location and individual preferences. However, some top companies include WSP USA, Stantec, HNTB Corp, and Carollo Engineers Inc.

Is Civil Engineering In Demand In California?

Civil engineering is in high demand in California, with numerous top civil engineering firms operating in the state.

What Civil Engineering Firm Pays The Most?

WSP USA is the civil engineering firm that pays the most, followed by Stantec and HNTB Corp.

What Are The Top Three Industries That Employ Civil Engineers?

The top three industries that employ civil engineers are engineering firms, construction companies, and utility companies.

What Are The Top Civil Engineering Firms In California Known For?

These top civil engineering firms in California are known for their expertise in providing high-quality structural engineering services.


California is home to some of the top civil engineering firms in the country. These firms, such as Kobe Civil Engineering, JN Structural Engineering Inc, and Kimley-Horn, have established themselves as leaders in providing high-quality structural and civil engineering services.

Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence have earned them the respect and trust of clients seeking top-notch engineering solutions. It is worth noting that civil engineering is in high demand in California, with more job opportunities compared to other states.

The construction and engineering industries are the primary employers of civil engineers, offering a wide range of career opportunities in various sectors, including engineering firms, construction companies, utility companies, and railway companies. When looking for the best civil engineering firm, it is essential to consider factors such as expertise, experience, and client satisfaction.

The top engineering firms in California, such as WSP USA, Stantec, and HNTB Corp, consistently rank high in revenue and have a strong reputation in the industry. Overall, California offers a thriving environment for civil engineering professionals, with ample opportunities to work with top firms and contribute to the state’s infrastructure development.

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